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Coconut Charcoal Briquette is a briquette charcoal with coconut shell as the raw material. One of the main functions of Coconut Charcoal Briquette is for sisha or hookah burner. Moreover, people also use the lower grade for barbecue purposes.

There are many benefits to use coconut charcoal compare to other type of charcoal. Firstly, coconut charcoal briquette have relatively higher burning point and longer burning time compare to the other type of charcoal. Furthermore, it produces less smokes and natural scent which is a best choice for your sisha/hookah companion. Moreover, you can also use coconut charcoal briquette to cook your food, such as barbeque. Because it has higher burning point, thus it will not easily make your food become over burnt. Due to these tremendous benefits compare to other type of charcoal, the demand of coconut charcoal briquette is keep increasing over the years. Consequently, we have been exporting our coconut charcoal briquette worldwide.

Our Commitment

As the leading supplier of coconut charcoal briquette from Indonesia, we are committed to provide the best quality of products based on its grade and requirement. We can supply both sisha / hookah grade and also barbecue grade, depending on your needs. Moreover, it is supported by the fact of Indonesia as the biggest supplier of coconut products in the world. Thus we believe that our products have competitive advantages in the market due to its quality and continuous supply. Furthermore, we always aim for sustainable and long-lasting business with all of our partners. We strongly seek to have great cooperation and mutual understanding with our partners. 

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– Moisture content : max 6%
– Ash content : 2,3% – 2,5%
– Ash color : white / light grey
– Volatile matter : 14%
– Fixed carbon content : min 80%
– Ignition time : < 2 minutes
– Total ignition time : 10 minutes
– Calorific value : 7000 – 7500 Kcal/kg
– Burning temperature : 500 degrees C
– Burning time average : 90 – 120 minutes



– Ash content : 8% – 10% max
– Volatile matter : 12% – 18% max
– Fix carbon : 80% – 85% max
– Ash colour : light cream
– Burning time : 180 – 300 minutes
– Moisture : 6% – 10% max
– Calorific : 6400 – 7200 kcal

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